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Family of Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE and Sarah Christiana DUNSCOMB

Husband: Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE (1807-1856)
Wife: Sarah Christiana DUNSCOMB (1814-1882)
Children: Cyprian Arthur George BRIDGE (1839-1924)
Charles Henry BRIDGE (1852?-1926)
Thomas Field Dunscomb BRIDGE (1848?-1934)
John Charles Edward BRIDGE (1850- )
Augusta Catherine Gibson BRIDGE (1862?- )
Isabella Maria Hope BRIDGE (1837-1895)
Christiana Henrietta BRIDGE (1840-1899)
Maria BRIDGE ( - )
Edith Mariana Sarah BRIDGE (1845-1920)
Barbara Eliza BRIDGE (1842-1918)
Marriage 27 Oct 1835 St. John's, Newfoundland

Husband: Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE


Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE

Name: Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas BRIDGE (1772-1858)
Mother: Margaret WRIGHT (1768?-1826)
Birth 20 Dec 1807 Essex
Baptism 7 Apr 1808 (age 0)
Death 29 Feb 1856 (age 48)
Occupation Venerable Archdeacon

Wife: Sarah Christiana DUNSCOMB


Sarah Christiana DUNSCOMB

Name: Sarah Christiana DUNSCOMB
Sex: Female
Father: John DUNSCOMB ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 13 Dec 1814
Death 9 Jan 1882 (age 67) Dawlish, Devon

Child 1: Cyprian Arthur George BRIDGE


Cyprian Arthur George BRIDGE

Name: Cyprian Arthur George BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor Collier THORNHILL (1857?-1925)
Birth 13 Mar 1839 St. John's, Newfoundland
Census 1901 (age 62) St. Peters, Eaton Square
22, Wilston Street, Westminster
Death 16 Aug 1924 (age 85) Kingston Hill, Surrey
Occupation Navy (Admiral Sir)

Child 2: Charles Henry BRIDGE


Charles Henry BRIDGE

Name: Charles Henry BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Dorcas MORRIS (1862?- )
Birth 1852 (app) St. John's, Newfoundland
Death 18 Jul 1926 (age 73-74)
Occupation Brigadier-General Sir

Child 3: Thomas Field Dunscomb BRIDGE


Thomas Field Dunscomb BRIDGE


Spouse: Harriett Louisa LERMITTE

Name: Thomas Field Dunscomb BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriett Louisa LERMITTE (1866?-1923)
Birth 1848 (app) Newfoundland
Death 3 Aug 1934 (age 85-86)
Occupation Major General (Army)

Child 4: John Charles Edward BRIDGE

Name: John Charles Edward BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Edith Mary SEARGEANT (1852-1888)
Spouse 2: Mary Ellen SKARRATT (1859- )
Birth Sep 1850 St. John's, Newfoundland

Child 5: Augusta Catherine Gibson BRIDGE

Name: Augusta Catherine Gibson BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Dunbar Frazer HUYSHE ( - )
Birth 1862 (app) London

Child 6: Isabella Maria Hope BRIDGE

Name: Isabella Maria Hope BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Edward BRIDGE ( -1867?)
Spouse 2: Edmund Humphrey ROBERTS ( - )
Birth 8 Apr 1837 St. John's, Newfoundland
Death 13 May 1895 (age 58) Hove, Sussex

Child 7: Christiana Henrietta BRIDGE

Name: Christiana Henrietta BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Birth 17 Nov 1840 Bloomsbury, London
Death 10 Aug 1899 (age 58) Zinal, Switzerland
Cause: Fell over a precipice

Child 8: Maria BRIDGE

Name: Maria BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Birth London

Child 9: Edith Mariana Sarah BRIDGE

Name: Edith Mariana Sarah BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Sep 1845 St. John's, Newfoundland
Death 7 Jan 1920 (age 74) Tooting, London
Burial Ilford Cemetery

Child 10: Barbara Eliza BRIDGE

Name: Barbara Eliza BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Jul 1842 St. John's, Newfoundland
Death 16 Dec 1918 (age 76) Bath

Note on Husband: Thomas Finch Hobday BRIDGE

01/11/2007 ECU Prevented by poor eyesight from serving in the navy

but became chaplain to Admiral Sir Thomas John

Cochrane, then governor of Newfoundland.

13/05/2009 ECU From "Some Recollections" he spent eight years at

Charterhouse, under Dr. Russell, and then went to

Oxford University (Christ Church).

ECU In "Some Recollection" it says that there is a

portrait of him painted in 1829 as he was leaving