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Family of William SANDYS and Catherine BRYDGES

Husband: William SANDYS ( - )
Wife: Catherine BRYDGES (1552?- )
Children: Elizabeth SANDYS ( - )
Alice SANDYS ( - )
Marriage 1569 (app) Sudeley Manor, Glouscestershire

Husband: William SANDYS

Name: William SANDYS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Catherine BRYDGES

Name: Catherine BRYDGES
Sex: Female
Father: Edmund BRYDGES (1516?-1572)
Mother: Dorothy BRAY ( - )
Birth 1552 (app) Sudeley Manor, Glouscestershire

Child 1: Elizabeth SANDYS

Name: Elizabeth SANDYS
Sex: Unknown

Child 2: Alice SANDYS

Name: Alice SANDYS
Sex: Unknown

Note on Marriage

24/12/2007 ECU 3rd Baron Sandys of the Vyne

Note on Husband: William SANDYS

14/12/2007 ECU 3rd Baron Sandys of the Vyne