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Family of George BROWNE and Eleanor BRYDGES

Husband: George BROWNE ( - )
Wife: Eleanor BRYDGES ( - )
Children: Jane BROWNE ( - )
Elizabeth BROWNE ( - )
Frances BROWNE ( - )
Marriage 1583 (app)

Husband: George BROWNE

Name: George BROWNE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Eleanor BRYDGES

Name: Eleanor BRYDGES
Sex: Female
Father: Anthony BRYDGES (1558?-1617?)
Mother: Barbara PEXSALL ( - )

Child 1: Jane BROWNE

Name: Jane BROWNE
Sex: Unknown

Child 2: Elizabeth BROWNE

Name: Elizabeth BROWNE
Sex: Unknown

Child 3: Frances BROWNE

Name: Frances BROWNE
Sex: Unknown

Note on Wife: Eleanor BRYDGES

Notes: On her marriage her father conveyed to her Great Shefford Manor Farm. It was there that Anthony Bridges sheltered Fr George Snape from about 1584 until 1591. Fr Snape was captured at the farm and abandoned Catholicism, thereby obtaining a pardon. The farm still stands. The Brownes owned Maidencourt Farm, which is less than a mile up the Lambourn Valley from Great Shefford.