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Family of John BRIDGE and Elizabeth SAUNDERS

Husband: John BRIDGE (1595?-1665)
Wife: Elizabeth SAUNDERS ( - )
Children: Matthew BRIDGE ( - )
Thomas BRIDGE ( - )
Marriage 1618 (app) Essex

Husband: John BRIDGE



Name: John BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Father: John BRIDGE (1576-1613?)
Mother: Unknown UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1595 (app) Braintree, Essex
Death 15 Apr 1665 (age 69-70) Massachusetts

Wife: Elizabeth SAUNDERS

Name: Elizabeth SAUNDERS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Matthew BRIDGE

Name: Matthew BRIDGE
Sex: Male

Child 2: Thomas BRIDGE

Name: Thomas BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth WILCOX ( - )

Note on Marriage

(not sure)

Note on Husband: John BRIDGE

14/12/2007 ECU Deacon

16/12/2007 ECU Is this the John Bridge of Braintree who went on the

Mayflower with

Christopher Martin and wife

John Langemore, Salaman Prower

Dr. Samuel and Susanna Fuller (North Ockendon)

The 'Mayflower' joined the 'Speedwell' at Southampton

and set off for America on 5th August 1620

18/12/2007 ECU I think the above is a load of rubbish as I looked at the

passenger list for the Mayflower and none of these

names appear on it.

19/12/2007 ECU Inscription on statue and tombstone


1578 - 1665

Left Braintree, Essex County, England, 1631

as a member of Rev. Hooker's company

Settled here 1632

and staid when that company

removed to Connecticut.

He had supervision of the first public school

established in Cambridge 1635

Was selectman 1635 - 1652

Deacon of the church 1636 - 1658

Representative to the Great and General Court 1637 - 1641

and was appointed by that body to lay out lands

in this town and beyond.




and given to the city

Sept. 20, 1882,


Samuel James Bridge

of the sixth generation

from John Bridge.



They that wait upon the Lord

shall renew their strength.




helped to establish here

church, school

and representative government

and thus to plant

a Christian commonwealth.

The tombstone reads:


"In memory of

John Bridge, Esq.

member of Hooker's company that left Braintree, Essex County, England, in 1631. In 1632 settled in

this city and became a leading citizen. He was

admitted a Freeman in 1634. He had the supervision

of the first public school established in the colony in

1635 and this led to the erection of Harvard College

in 1638. He was chosen Deacon at the

reorganization of the Church in 1636. He was

Selectman from 1635-1652. He represented the town

in the Legislature, 1637-1641. He was employed by

the General Court to lay out lands, served on

committees and performed other important duties.

He was a large landholder in Cambridge as well as

in other parts of the colony. He filled almost all the

offices of honor and trust within the gift of his fellow

citizens, and was greatly esteemed for his integrity

and Christian virtues. He died April 15, 1665.



"In memory of Elizabeth, sister of Deacon John

Bridge, and wife of John Betts, Esq., died Jan. 2,



"Erected by Samuel J. Bridge, July 4, 1876."