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Family of John KENNEDY and Elizabeth BRYDGES

Husband: John KENNEDY ( - )
Wife: Elizabeth BRYDGES (1578?-1617?)
Marriage 1603 (app) Sudeley Manor, Glouscestershire

Husband: John KENNEDY

Name: John KENNEDY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Elizabeth BRYDGES

Name: Elizabeth BRYDGES
Sex: Female
Father: Giles BRYDGES (1543?-1593)
Mother: Frances Clinton FIENNES ( - )
Birth 1578 (app) Sudeley Manor, Glouscestershire
Death Oct 1617 (app) (age 38-39) Spain (?)

Note on Wife: Elizabeth BRYDGES

Maid of Honour of Queen Elizabeth I, has been identified with the fair Mrs. Brydges to whom Essex showed so much attention as to offend the Queen (Sidney Papers). Have claimed Sudeley and other parts of the Chandos property as the daughter and coheiress of Giles, the 3rd Lord. In his father's lifetime Grey Brydges assaulted the lady's representative at a conference held to settle the dispute (Jun 1602). In the following Oct it was proposed that Grey should marry Elizabeth, but finally, in Dec, when he had become 5th Lord Chandos, it was stated that the controversy had been otherwise 'compounded'.

Immediately after James I's accession Elizabeth married Sir John Kennedy, one of the king's Scotch attendants. Chandos appears to have opposed the match, and it was rumoured early in 1604 that Kennedy had a wife living in Scotland. But James I wrote to Chandos (19 Feb 1603/4) entreating him to overlook Sir John's errors because of his own love for his attendant. Elizabeth apparently left her husband and desired to have the matter legally examined, but as late as 1609 the lawfulness of the marriage had not been decided upon. Lord Chandos declined to aid his cousin, and she died deserted and in poverty.