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Family of James BRYDGES and Mary LAKE

Husband: James BRYDGES (1674-1744)
Wife: Mary LAKE (1668?-1712)
Children: Henry BRYDGES (1708?-1771)
John BRYDGES (1703?- )
Marriage 27 Feb 1695 (app)

Husband: James BRYDGES



Name: James BRYDGES
Sex: Male
Father: James BRYDGES (1642?-1714?)
Mother: Elizabeth BARNARD (1643?-1719)
Birth 6 Jan 1674
Death 9 Aug 1744 (age 70)

Wife: Mary LAKE

Name: Mary LAKE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Baptism 18 Jul 1668 (age 0)
Birth 1668 (app)
Death 15 Dec 1712 (age 43-44)

Child 1: Henry BRYDGES

Name: Henry BRYDGES
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary BRUCE (1700?-1738)
Spouse 2: Ann JEFFERIES ( -1759?)
Spouse 3: Elizabeth MAJOR ( - )
Birth 1708 (app)
Baptism 1 Feb 1708 (age 0)
Death 28 Nov 1771 (age 62-63)

Child 2: John BRYDGES

Name: John BRYDGES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine TOLLEMACHE ( -1754)
Birth 1703 (app)

Note on Marriage

Heiress of St Thomas Lake

Note on Husband: James BRYDGES

1st Duke Chandos - the 'Princely Chandos'


James Brydges was the ninth Baron of Chandos. He married Mary, heiress of Sir Thomas Lake of Canons, Edgware. After her death he married twice more, the last to a wealthy heiress, Lydia Catherine Van Hutten. He held the lucrative post of Paymaster General of the Forces from 1705 to 1713; it was common practice to accumulate the interest from such a position for personal use. In 1711, the House of Commons launched an enquiry which found £35 million missing, which Brydges blamed on accounting difficulties. No action was taken against him and it is possible that Brydges gained £3 million this way.


In 1714, Chandos was created Viscount Wilton and Earl of Carnarvon. On 29 April 1719, he was created Marquis of Carnarvon and Duke of Chandos. He:


created in a magnificent house at Canons, Edgware but this was pulled down after his death

commenced a house in Cavendish Square but this was never completed

rebuilt St Lawrence, Whitchurch, Little Stanmore.

During the Duke's later years, he lost most of his fortune in the African Company, the Mississippi scheme, and the South Sea Bubble. He died in 1744 and is buried at Whitchurch. His wife died six years later


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