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Family of Henry BRYDGES and Mary BRUCE

Husband: Henry BRYDGES (1708?-1771)
Wife: Mary BRUCE (1700?-1738)
Children: James BRYDGES (1731-1789)
Caroline BRYDGES ( - )

Husband: Henry BRYDGES

Name: Henry BRYDGES
Sex: Male
Father: James BRYDGES (1674-1744)
Mother: Mary LAKE (1668?-1712)
Birth 1708 (app)
Baptism 1 Feb 1708 (age 0)
Death 28 Nov 1771 (age 62-63)

Wife: Mary BRUCE

Name: Mary BRUCE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1700 (app)
Death 14 Aug 1738 (age 37-38)

Child 1: James BRYDGES

Name: James BRYDGES
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Margaret NICOL ( - )
Spouse 2: Anne Eliza GAMON ( -1813)
Birth 16 Dec 1731
Death 29 Sep 1789 (age 57)

Child 2: Caroline BRYDGES

Name: Caroline BRYDGES
Sex: Female
Spouse: James LEIGH (bap.1724, d.1774)

Note on Marriage

Daughter of Charles Bruce the Earl of Aylesbury

Note on Husband: Henry BRYDGES

Second Duke: Henry Brydges (1708-1771)


James was succeeded by his sixth and only surviving son (by his first wife). Henry first married Mary, daughter of the Earl of Aylesbury; she died in 1738. His second marriage to Ann was unusual, even for the day. The following is taken from Notes and Queries, Fourth Series, VI, 179; 27 August, 1870 [quoted from Temple Memoirs]:


Told to me by an old lady, a native of Newbury, who was ten years old when it happened. The Duke of Chandos and a companion dined at the Pelican, Newbury, on the way to London. A stir in the Inn yard led to their being told that a man was going to sell his wife, and they are leading are up with a halter around her neck. They went to see. The Duke was smitten with her beauty and patient acquiescence in a process which would (as then supposed) free her from a harsh and ill-conditioned husband. He bought her, and subsequently married her (at Keith’s Chapel) Christmas Day, 1744. His first wife had died in 1738, but whether the same time the Duke was a widower or whether a considerable time intervened between the date of her purchase and her becoming Duchess of Chandos, does not appear.


Ann was the daughter of John Wells of Newbury and a chambermaid at the Pelican Inn, Newbury. She was married to Jeffries the Ostler of the Inn. Lord Orrery remarked of her: "Of her person & character people speak variously, but all agree that both are very bad." Ann preferred to live at Keynsham Abbey, Somerset and died in 1759, leaving a daughter, Augusta Ann.


James held many public offices, chiefly in the household of Frederick, Prince of Wales.