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Family of James BRYDGES and Anne Eliza GAMON

Husband: James BRYDGES (1731-1789)
Wife: Anne Eliza GAMON ( -1813)
Children: Anne Eliza BRYDGES ( -1836)
Georgiana Chandos BRYDGES (1778?-1778?)
Marriage 21 Jun 1777

Husband: James BRYDGES

Name: James BRYDGES
Sex: Male
Father: Henry BRYDGES (1708?-1771)
Mother: Mary BRUCE (1700?-1738)
Birth 16 Dec 1731
Death 29 Sep 1789 (age 57)

Wife: Anne Eliza GAMON

Name: Anne Eliza GAMON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 20 Jan 1813

Child 1: Anne Eliza BRYDGES

Name: Anne Eliza BRYDGES
Sex: Female
Death 15 May 1836

Child 2: Georgiana Chandos BRYDGES

Name: Georgiana Chandos BRYDGES
Sex: Unknown
Birth 1778 (app)
Death 1778 (app) (age 0)

Note on Husband: James BRYDGES

Third Duke: James Brydges (1731-1789)


(16 December 1731 to 29 September 1789)


The second Duke died in 1771 and was succeeded by James, his only son by his first wife. The third Duke was an amiable and charitable man. He lived at Chandos House in London. His sister was Lady Caroline Brydges (later Leigh), who became guardian of the first Duchess.


In addition to his father’s titles, James was from 1747 also Baron Kinloss and a Baronet. He held many public offices:


1754-61: MP for Winchester

1760-04: Lord of the Bedchamber

1761-68: MP for Radnorshire

1783: Lord Steward of the Household

1771-80: Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire

He lived at Avington and married twice:


Margaret Nichol. On 22 March 1753 he married Margaret (3 February 1734 to 14 August 1768), daughter of John Nichol of Southgate. She had a fortune of £150,000, including Minchenden House in Middlesex. She died in 1768 and has memorials at Avington and Whitchurch.

Pious resignation through her lingering illness... religious without enthusiasm; just without severity; charitable without ostentation; generous without profusion; she was blessed with beauty, rank and fortune... (Extract from the Whitchurch memorial, which may be identical to the Avington memorial)


Anne Eliza Gamon. In 1777, James married Anne Eliza, daughter of Richard Gamon of Datchworthbury, Hertfordshire and widow of Roger Hope Elletson.

James Brydges died in 1789 (obituary).


Chandos or Chandois?

When Nugent Buckingham meets the 3rd Duke of Chandos in 1786, he writes about the meeting to his brother, William Wyndham Grenville (HMC Fortescue I, 259). In this letter, he spells the name "Chandois" suggesting a French pronunciation. Without reviewing the original Fortescue document, however, this spelling cannot be confirmed. If the spelling is correct, the pronunciation is most likely "Chandois" as Buckingham was a scholarly man, well versed in French and not prone to trivial mistakes in spelling.




A Newspaper Report of the Death of the 3rd Duke of Chandos

Duke of Chandos


Sept 1789


“Tuesday evening last died suddenly at Tunbridge Wells after a short but most painful illness, which he bore with the utmost fortitude & resignation the most Noble James Duke of Chandos, Marquis & Earl of Carnarvon, Viscount Wilton, Baron Chandos of Sudeley Castle, & Baronet. Lord Steward of his Majesty’s Household one of his Majesty’s most honourable Privy Council, Ranger of Enfield Chace & High Steward of the City of Winchester.


His Grace’s birth was most illustrious. He was descended from the Great Sir John Chandos who made so conspicuous a figure in the Reign of King Edward the third, & was one of the Knights of the Garter at the first institution of that most noble Order, whose descendant Sir John Bruges [sic] was created by Queen Mary, Baron Chandos of Sudeley Castle, the 8th of April 1554.


In 1714 on the accession of King George the 1st the Honble James Brydges (who afterwards became the 9th Lord Chandos) was created the Marquis & Earl of Carnarvon & Duke of Chandos. His Grace was maternally of Royal descent, being descended from Mary Queen Dowr of France & Daughter of Henry 7th, who afterwards married with Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk, & through Heiresses of the great Houses of Grey, Duke of Suffolk, Seymour, Bruce & Saville to his Grace. His Mother was one of the Daughters & Co Heirs of Charles Lord Bruce afterwards Earl of Aylesbury & was the first Wife of Henry 2d Duke of Chandos, by whom she had James the last Duke, & Lady Caroline relict of James Leigh Esq of Adlestrop in Gloucestershire. His Grace was born the 27th of December 1731 and at the General Elections in 1754 & 1761 he was elected Knight of the Shire for Radnorshire. On the accession of his present Majesty he was appointed one of the Lords of his Majesty’s Bed Chamber, which he resigned in 1764 & in 1784 he was appointed Lord Steward of his Majesty’s Household.


Such were his honours & his high descent, to which his private virtues added a still greater lustre. Fervent & unfeigned in his devotion, his charity & benevolence were unbounded; in his principles he was loyal, moderate, & firm & in his friendships had the warmest heart!”


Sir R.R. Bart.