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Family of Herbert Bowen BRIDGE and Leonore Adele UNKNOWN

Husband: Herbert Bowen BRIDGE (1848?- )
Wife: Leonore Adele UNKNOWN ( - )
Children: Hugh Decimus BRIDGE (1889?-1917)
Lance BRIDGE (1887?-1915)
Cyprian BRIDGE ( - )

Husband: Herbert Bowen BRIDGE

Name: Herbert Bowen BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Father: Cyprian BRIDGE (1807-1885)
Mother: Louisa BOWEN (1823?-1860)
Birth 1848 (app) Bay of Islands, New Zealand

Wife: Leonore Adele UNKNOWN

Name: Leonore Adele UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Hugh Decimus BRIDGE


Hugh Decimus BRIDGE

Name: Hugh Decimus BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Joyce Miriam UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1889 (app)
Death 25 Nov 1917 (age 27-28) France
Occupation Army (Corporal)

Child 2: Lance BRIDGE



Name: Lance BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Birth 1887 (app)
Death 13 Aug 1915 (age 27-28) Gallipoli
Occupation Army (Private)

Child 3: Cyprian BRIDGE

Name: Cyprian BRIDGE
Sex: Male