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Family of Cyprian Dunscomb Charles BRIDGE and Ann Dorothy BROWN

Husband: Cyprian Dunscomb Charles BRIDGE (1885?-1938)
Wife: Ann Dorothy BROWN ( - )
Status: Divorced
Marriage Dec 1919 ("Dec 1919 St. Martin 1a 1534")

Husband: Cyprian Dunscomb Charles BRIDGE

Name: Cyprian Dunscomb Charles BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Father: John Charles Edward BRIDGE (1850- )
Mother: Edith Mary SEARGEANT (1852-1888)
Birth Aug 1885 ("Dec 1885 Sevenoaks 2a 640") Kemsing, Kent
Death 1938 (age 52-53)
Occupation Navy (Commander)

Wife: Ann Dorothy BROWN

Name: Ann Dorothy BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Cyprian Dunscomb Charles BRIDGE

1901 Census

1891 Census - Naval Cadet - shown as Cyprian D.G. Bridge - staying at

West Hill House, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire with uncle

Stephen N. Appleford (49) Physician/Surgeon born

Coggeshall, Essex

06/01/2008 ECU The Ellis Island database has entries as follows :-

17/02/1913 arrived age 30 on Campania out of Liverpool

07/10/1917 arrived age 32 on St.Paul out of Liverpool



05/11/2008 ECU Searched National Archives and found entries in

the divorce court for him

1917 Gladys Bridge (Appellant)

1922 Anne Dorothy Bridge (Appellant)