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Family of George BRIDGE and Elizabeth CLARK

Husband: George BRIDGE (1778?-1812)
Wife: Elizabeth CLARK ( - )
Children: Jonas Clark BRIDGE (1799- )
Joanne Clark BRIDGE (bap.1781, d.1780)

Husband: George BRIDGE

Name: George BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Father: Cyprian BRIDGE (1737-1814)
Mother: Sarah Baker PHILLIPS (1745?-1787)
Baptism 5 Jul 1778 (age 0) Essex
Birth 1778 (app)
Death 17 Oct 1812 (age 33-34) Calcutta
Cause: Wounds in war in Java

Wife: Elizabeth CLARK

Name: Elizabeth CLARK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Jonas Clark BRIDGE

Name: Jonas Clark BRIDGE
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Nov 1799 Essex

Child 2: Joanne Clark BRIDGE

Name: Joanne Clark BRIDGE
Sex: Female
Death 9 May 1780 Essex
Baptism 22 Jun 1781 Essex

Note on Husband: George BRIDGE

Captain Bengal Infantry