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Family of George W. MINNETT and Margaret E. HATT

Husband: George W. MINNETT ( - )
Wife: Margaret E. HATT (1868- )
Children: George MINNETT (1869?- )
James MINNETT (1890?- )
Annie MINNETT (1900?- )
Marriage 10 May 1887 Essex (4a369)

Husband: George W. MINNETT

Name: George W. MINNETT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Margaret E. HATT

Name: Margaret E. HATT
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Cyprian HATT (1840-1926)
Mother: Margaret ALLEN (1842?-1871)
Birth Q1 1868 Middlesex (1c735)

Child 1: George MINNETT

Name: George MINNETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1869 (app) London

Child 2: James MINNETT

Name: James MINNETT
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 (app) Essex

Child 3: Annie MINNETT

Name: Annie MINNETT
Sex: Female
Birth 1900 (app) Essex