Victims' Voice has been quiet for a while; not because it has met its objectives but because the Trustees, the majority of whom have lost a relative through murder, are tired and need a break. The charity continues to campaign for the rights of victims but, after many years, the Trustees need to concentrate on their own needs for a while. It is happy to be contacted by anyone who requires help or wants to discuss the issues surrounding a sudden traumatic death. It also continues to distribute information regarding the role of the Coroner when a sudden death occurs. Many changes have been made to improve the rights of 'victims' within the judicial system but there is still some way to go.

Memorial to the Victims of Violence Unveiled

On 5th June 2013 the memorial to Victims of Violence was unveiled by Helen Grant, the Minister for Victims and the Courts. The ceremony took place in Christchurch Gardens, Victoria Street, London SW1 and was the culmination of many years of campaigning by Sandra Sullivan, a founding member of Victims' Voice.

Many families were able to attend the ceremony which included speeches by Sandra and the Vicar of St. Martin in the Fields, whose choir provided much needed calm in a very busy part of London. Following the unveiling,  attendees retired to the nearby St. Ermin's Hotel for refreshments and the opportunity to reflect on what had taken such a long time to achieve.


Victims' Voice is an umbrella charity which provides a 'voice' for its affiliated organisations and individual members. It raises issues that arise when people are bereaved by sudden and traumatic death and have to cope with the involvement of police, coroners, mortuaries, hospitals and the courts.

Victims' Voice strives to meet  its objectives through

1)       lobbying and campaigning for change
2)       the provision of information to the bereaved and service providers
3)       the education of service providers and the public

Sudden Death and the Coroner - Coroner's Post Mortem and Inquests

Information on the Coroner Service for Suddenly Bereaved People

Victims' Voice publishes a booklet which is available to all front line personnel and others seeking to provide information and support for bereaved people when a death is reported to the coroner. Click here for further information.

Should a life sentence
for homicide really
mean life ??

The Human Approach

.. raising community awareness
of problems faced by the
families of victims of homicide


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