Sudden Death and the Coroner

Coroner's Post Mortem and Inquests

This free booklet is published by Victims' Voice to be given, as soon as possible, to people bereaved by any sudden or unexpected death that is reported to the coroner. It is written from the perspective of suddenly bereaved people and is based on questions known to arise when coroners' enquiries are underway. It deals only with the Coroner Service, but includes contact details for specialist charities offering guidance and support in the particular circumstances of a sudden death.

"I have read the booklet and believe it will be very useful to families with whom I have to deal." (Coroner)

"The booklets are by far and away the most useful and user friendly advice literature I have used" (Police Officer)

"Regrettably we have run out of this very valuable publication and I am seeking to replenish our supplies." (Coroner's Officer)

"It is well laid out and does not over-load you from the off, very good at this stage I believe. I am unable to offer any real criticism other than more departments need access to this booklet." (Mortuary Manager)

The booklets are available free of charge in quantities of 2, 25, 50, 100 or 200 booklets.

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